Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hacks, Flacks, Hucksters and ... Social Media News Release Resources

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Noteworthy Note First:

For an industry (PR) that's supposedly full of a bunch of puerile, solipsistic,
flack-spinning imbecilic hucksters trying to infect the world with corporate gobbledygook, the people I've dealt with in this industry, and especially the people mentioned below, are exceptional. Courteous, honest, professional, gracious in the sharing of their time, expertise and information. They're a lot of hard-working, well-intentioned people struggling with and trying to figure out how best to use social media and the SMNR. No Hacks, flacks or hucksters here.

Social Media News and Newsroom Resources Below Include:
SMNR Thought Leaders - Pro & Con

I'm sure I missed some folks. Some accidentally on purpose. However, if you have any additions or suggestions, just let me know at skayser@cincom.com.

Todd Defren: The originator of the Social Media News Release. Exceptional at creating, engaging and wading through the buzz with courtesy and aplomb. Handles "Richard Craniums" well. Very rarely have I seen a reference to his SMNR, positive or negative, not being followed up with a comment by himself. Provides a lot of thought leadership articles and shares them freely. Check out his templates and articles below

Brian Solis:
No one, in my opinion, has been out in front more on this topic. Takes his shots. Brushes them off and keeps at it. Breaks through the clutter. Prolific writer - freely shares a lot of useful and unique information. Checkout his articles below.

Shannon Whitley: Shannon created
PRX Builder. It's a simple wizard that walks you through each step in creating an SMNR. Write your content, insert links, add images and video. PRXbuilder is an innovative and useful SMNR tool and service, depending on your distribution needs. Shannon is wonderful to work with. On top of it. Responds to customer questions all times of the night - always helpful.

Adam Parker: CEO of Webitpr.com, a UK company. Their offering is unique. An aggressive young company making waves.

Michael Pranikoff: PR Newswire, Director of Emerging Media. Michael is knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and exceptionally contagious about PR & Social Media. Deep source of knowledge and shares it graciously. A credit to PR Newswire.

Brian Pittman: Brian is the editor of the Journalists Speak Out e-newsletter and Director of Content for PR University. He's the PR and Media Relations version of Charlie Rose. Always interesting and interested. Brian digs and delves into both sides of topics that help PR professionals do their jobs better - in many ways. Objective and skilled at boiling long-winded oratory's into concise, compact and useful information. Check out his weekly column at the Bulldog Reporter.

The people below are a mixture of pro & con on the SMNR.

Good information and thinking on all sides of the SMNR concept.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Check them out.

Their posts might help you consider things that could save you time, money, embarrassment or your job.

SMNR Tools, Templates & Resources
Social Media News Release Examples

There aren't a lot of SMNR's out there. Cost, complexity, risk, usefulness? Some of the more recent ones have multimedia and social sharing capabilities - but no comments section. Why, if you did the work, bore the costs of distributing a SMNR, would you not use the comments section? Don't understand it. Enabling the comments section is live PR. Live community building. Live customer service. Live product and marketing feedback. Live ... good business sense.
SMNR Informational Video Resources
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TDefren said...

Steve, you may be my favoritest person in the whole wide world.

Adam Parker said...

Steve, I'm getting embarrassed now :)

@Todd Favouritest, (UK spelling), is that a word? And you with your grammar lessons :)

Dale Wolf said...

Sorry Todd Defren -- how can Steve be your favoritest person in the whole wide world? Have you fallen for Steve's manipulative stylistic, donkey humor. Be cautious, he loves to pitch a good compliment to us so we all love him more.

Actually, I am just trying to make sure no one else steals him cause he is already my favorite PR person in the world and the one I get to work with on a daily basis. He's also one of my favorite drinking buddies in the world, too. Who else could become famous on the back of some poor old donkey?

But I must admit, this SMNR stuff is a fantastic extension of what old PR and old Direct Marketing used to be like. It is a melding of disciplines that makes telling good stories so much easier today. But in the end, it is still about telling a good story that is relevant to the customer and where possible pitching in a relevant reward or offer to motivate action. Gotta love the 2.0 World.