Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is Frankenquoted Buffoon-a-Puffery?

Frankenquoted buffoon-a-puffery (neologism) is typically a useless quote from a company official that hardly anyone will ever read - except the Frankenquotee.

Increases the word count. Adds less than zero value.

Usually found in press releases. Closely related to the dreaded corporate gobbledygook disease (sorta like brothers).


We’re Great!

We’re ( or insert company exec name) great!” “Our company is great.”

“Our customers love us.”

“Industry analysts love us.”

"We're SO EXCITED to be working with them."

Sound familiar?

Here’s a 2-minute cartoon video that describes Frankenquoting pretty well.

Frankenquote Memorialized in a Snapshot

That was crude, wasn't it? I tried to stop myself. Just couldn't.


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