Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The World's Only Corporate Spokes-Donkey

David Meerman Scott, author of the best-seller "The New Rules of Marketing and PR," did a little riff on my Shoot the Donkey column. He got me thinking when he rhetori-sophmorically posed this question. "Can you think of any other B2B software companies that have a corporate spokes-donkey?"

David - I checked. There aren't.

Lots of Asses

There are a lot of run of the mill average corporate asses (ACA's).

But No Sharp-Dressers

But no trendy, hip, sharp-dressing, corporate Spokes-donkeys like mine. My Donkey (Donkey O'Tee is his real name) wears a lot of different hats too ( see slide show ) - and is a world class master of Pompously Obfuscating on Purpose.

2007 SLAP Award Winner!

He's one of the main reasons I won this years coveted SLAP (acronym for Stupid, Laughable, Anal, Preposterous) award for writers.

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