Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Modern Man That Understands Corporate Gobbledygook

Below is a video of a modern man that understands corporate gobbledygook. Only one person on earth could put this string of corporate gobbledygookisms together and deliver them with heart-pounding panache. The DaVinci of Words. George Carlin.

I once confessed I played a passable piano. But then I saw Bruce Hornsby play. My definition of "passable" transmogrified into a necessary gastric function. And, he made me want to chop my fingers off.

But I've gotten over that. (Never mind the image to my left. It's just an alter-ego-toon.)

George Carlin makes me feel that way with words. When I try to string a line of maturative, indurative, depurative, and curative words to halt corporate gobbledygoook it pails and fails in comparison to the world's master word-painter, George CarlinVinci

I yield the floor to George.


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