Thursday, October 9, 2008

How's Your Ass?

Donkey O'Tee and Me

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I have a writing partner. Better than me. Smarter. Cuter. Real scene-stealer.

And he's an ass.

A real bad burro.

His name is Donkey O'Tee.

People ask about him all the time.

I get tired of hearing ...

"How's your ass?"

So, I put together this puerile, solipsistic donkey montage. It was created on Picasa, uploaded to Animoto, saved as an mp.4 file. Then uploaded to Veoh and YouTube.

Same file. But, as you see below, displays different. Each has positive elements.

Me and Donkey O'Tee - Animoto

Donkey O'Tee and Me - Veoh

Online Videos by

Donkey O'Tee and Me - YouTube

Donkey O'Tee and Me - Picasa

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