Friday, October 10, 2008

Twitter ... Spawn of Satan?

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A simple micro-blogging service.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

HA! That's what THEY'D like you to believe.

But professional purveyors of corporate gobbledygook know, yes they know, Twitter is a tool straight from hell.

Demon dalliance.

Seed of Satan.

Fathered to challenge sesquipedalian pontifications that mean nothing to no one.

What's it Mean Steve?

Death to long copy. Death to words drained of meaning.

Twitter imperils wordsmithereen evil-ese at it's basest, non-productive non-valuable essence.

National Security Threat

Twitter threatens ...

National Security.

Job Security.

Retro-strategic de-innovation.

Professional obfuscation.

Wall Street Panic

Those in the know, know, the Wall Street collapse and panic can be laid directly at the Tweet of Twitter.


Because everything posted on Twitter has to be 140 characters or less.

For you Non-Twits, that's about 15-22 words.

It forces you to be concise, clear and short.

Small words. Short sentences.

Shorter URL's.

Can you imagine?

Or could this be a sign of the ....

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