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This is a response to the "I'm not an American" blog post by Robert Scoble, a "tech-geek blogger" and Managing Director at Fast Company.TV.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone has the right to express that opinion under the auspices of free speech protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. It's a given ... in America.

Robert Scoble is an influential, self-proclaimed "tech-geek blogger" and Managing Director at Fast Company.TV. Today, after exercising his right to free speech with the "I'm Not an American" blog post, Scoble did a snake-belly slinky over to his Twitter Synchophant Turfdom and complained about all the "HATERS" who uh -had the audacity to disagree with his low opinion of Americans and high opinion of socialism.

Free speech is cool - if it's his.

Free speech is right - if it's his.

Everyone else ... not so much.

How dare they not agree with his opinions? BUNCHA HATERS! Here's how we dare ...

Dear Robert:

Nothing like blowing what credibility you had sky-high with this stupidity on steroids of a blog post called "I'm Not an American." Nothing like alienating tons of readers and subscribers who expect information and news on the latest in tech from you and instead are blind-sided by this kind of self-important slag. No wonder FastCompany is winning the race to the bottom so quickly. You're leading the dive.


You called people that oppose your views as "haters" on your Twitter post. Why would you do that? I’m not a hater. I’ve followed you for a long time - for tech reasons, but totally disagree with you on this. I wouldn't even have bothered responding - in any way - until I saw your Twitter comment:

"My post just showed up on home page and it's amazing how many haters are now showing up. Droves of them."


Are we haters because we disagree with your illogical, puerile, pedantic, solipsistic assertions or because of your black hole ego which lacks any semblance of an event horizon?


If, as you proclaim, you’re NOT AN AMERICAN - then beat it, go to another country where you can be NOT AN AMERICAN. I’m sure we can, and will, raise money for your airfare, as long as you vow never to come back. My email address is at the bottom if you want to take me up on it.


I’m glad some real Muslims corrected your post. Funny how you screwed up something as simple and basic, yet so important as that. Actually - not so funny, my bad. When it really matters on a human-to-human level you probably might want to get those statements right. At least you corrected them quickly - to your credit.


I’ve read your posts for a while and never before detected a need for an Opto-rectomy (disconnection of optic nerve from rectum, to repair a crappy outlook on life). But you’re “I’M NOT AN AMERICAN post displays a one-bit brain with a parity error. You should check to make sure all your BYTES aren’t clicking on the odd cylinders.


I have. Go live in a socialist Europe. They’ll gladly take you as NOT AN AMERICAN. Wait in line for months or years to get your socialized health care. Check out the comments on your post from actual Europeans. Real humans who live there. They disagree with you. Of course, they actually live there - in the real world - so they might not not know, or could be, in your worldview, just another buncha haters.

You state:

I believe that SOME wealth should be redistributed from rich people to other places to improve our society. Like paying for schools, building roads, or even helping all people get access to health care.

I AGREE ... that you believe that.

Now prove it. Sell your house, your Bm'ers, cash in your stocks and give it to the government. Lead by example. Here's your chance. Walk you words. Live like Gandhi.


And the political views you espouse? They’re revolutionary? Full of WISDUM”? What the???


Most “Americans” want the energy crisis solved, want health care for all, believe in separation of church and state. Believe in science, technology, equality and justice. You’re cloaking yourself in what most Americans believe — but then proclaim you’re NOT AN AMERICAN? That fails even the Turing Turd Smell Test.


You’re “NOT AN AMERICAN.” I’ll agree you’re not thinking like one. Americans usually have some semblance of logic built on a foundation of facts and eventually try to come to right and reasonable conclusions. Your little rant is, at best, sophomoric on a 2nd grade level, full of PT Barnum-ese, absurdly illogical and reeks of pampered-punk pompousness.


It is, however, quite a lot like a barometer. Big vacuum at the top.

Brave AMERICAN SOLDIERS throughout history have fought to protect the right to free speech. Now that you are loudly exercising that right why not be publicly brave and bright - leave the country? Grow a pair. Use’em. Leave.

7 Cans Short of A 6 Pack

America is a great country - with great people. Because of that you’ve flourished. More power to you. You get to spout your 7 cans short of a 6-pack, smoke don’t reach the top-of-your-chimney, parallel mind, serial world view with no fear of recourse. It’s your absolute right.

As an American.

But you say you’re NOT AN AMERICAN. So ….

Be Brave.

Be Proud.

Take a Stand.

If you’re not an American — cash out, move to another country and blog all about it.


Steve Kayser

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Anonymous said...

I loved this reply to Scoble on his site. Great job articulating what so many of us think.