Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Wild Wacky World of Web 2.0 Communications

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Not a high-tech whizbang hypothetical supraluminal know-it-all enthralled and embedded in the frenetically byzantine world of Geekdom?

Me either.

This Web 2.0 talk got you scratching your head - or duct taping it to keep it from exploding?

Me too.

Well, here's a slide presentation I put together to help normal people try to get a look (from a geek-safe distance) at some of the emerging tools, services and principles of this new and evolving communications media.

Lot of pictures. Not many words. You're head won't explode. But it might get close. Takes about 2-3 minutes to go through.

Slide 3 loads a little slow. It's an embedded video. FULL-SCREEN is enabled. Check it out.


Share it at will, anywhere, anytime, under the uncreative certainly uncommon license.

Please credit my company SquareBalls Entertainment.

After all, think about it, besides being geometrically challenged, put yourself in my company's position - it can be a chronically painful condition.

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