Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Moby Dick is Bigger Than Yours ...

After wrapping up an article titled "Saints, Scumbags, Storytellers ... and Business," with Dr. Elliot McGucken, I was about to finish with the typical "About the Author" section. Any "About" section is usually fluff and puffery. Full of taradiddle twittle twattle. Whether it's for a company or person. Rarely memorable. Even more rarely read.

Boring-Boring Quotient

In the hopes of contributing something to the betterment of humanity ( maybe a little visionary meglomaniac stretch there) or at the very least, help back down the boring-boring quotient, I decided to personalize - to put little life into - the "About the Author" section. I'm committed to doing this for the forseeable future. And maybe the unforseeable future too, for any articles I do from this point forward.

Here's what I used on Dr. E (thankfully Dr. E is lots of fun, not boring, and likes to yuck it up a bit too.)

About Dr. Elliot McGucken:

Dr. Elliot McGucken is an artistic entrepreneur. He founded jollyroger.com in 1995, a virtual portal for the world's great literary classics. The New York Times called Dr. E’s work as “simply unprecedented." The Los Angeles Times referred to the classical portal as "a lavish virtual community known as The Jolly Roger."s. He presented Authena Open Source DRM/CMS at the Harvard Law School OSCOM, and 22surf was accepted to the Zurich OSCOM. Both Authena and 22surf are aimed at empowering indie artists/creators.

(Standard credibility establishing stuff -- Now a little personalized improv)


Cool Car!

Steve: But Dr. E … you named your car Moby Dick?

Dr. E: That’s right. What do you call your corvette?

Steve: I call mine a


Notice it's bigger than yours?

Dr. E: And I thought I had issues. Can you at least finish my bio before you go off the deep-end?

Steve: Okay.

Dr E. received a B.A. in physics from Princeton and a Ph.D. in physics from UNC Chapel Hill where his dissertation on an artificial retina chip for the blind received a Merrill Lynch Innovations Award. He founded the Physics, Astronomy, Math, and Philosophy Forums, home for discussions of physical theories of reality alternative to the controversial, yet dominant String Theory. McGucken's Moving Dimensions Theory posits that the fourth dimension is expanding relative to the three spatial dimensions, and with this simple postulate reflecting an underlying physical reality, the model attempts to unify and account for the physical phenomena found in quantum mechanics, relativity, and statistical mechanics.Known as Dr. E to his students, Elliot has won the Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Contact Dr. Elliot McGucken:


Not a lot better - but a little less boring. And hey! ~ My Moby Dick is bigger than his.

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